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Security experts say there is no quick fix for BadUSB Hacks, Protect yourself with a Charge Only USB Adapter.

BadUSB, a critical security USB flaw identified earlier this year, This Flaw can be exploded by hackers using practically any USB device. Experts have published its code online recently and the issue is spreading online like wildfire. BadUSB can turn a user’s keyboard, mouse, storage device, network device, game controller, or any other USB device into […]

Reversible USB Type-C connector finalized: Devices, cables, and adapters coming soon!!!!

he USB Promoter Group has announced that the greatest invention in the known universe — the reversible Type-C USB connector — is finally ready for mass production. The USB Implementers Forum will now take the Type-C spec and start building devices, cables, and adapters that support the new reversible connector. We could begin seeing Type-C […]

This thumbdrive hacks computers. “BadUSB” exploit makes devices turn “evil”

When creators of the state-sponsored Stuxnet worm used a USB stick to infect air-gapped computers inside Iran’s heavily fortified Natanz nuclear facility, trust in the ubiquitous storage medium suffered a devastating blow. Now, white-hat hackers have devised a feat even more seminal—an exploit that transforms keyboards, Web cams, and other types of USB-connected devices into highly […]

USB Charger Firewall allows you to charge your devices Securely and enables Faster Charging On-the-Go

LockedUSB Adapter allows portable devices to fast-charge at their maximum rated current, while keeping the data lines completely isolated and Hackers away from your personal data. LockedUSB adapter has a dedicated controller chip and current limiting power switch. An auto-detect feature monitors USB data line voltage, and automatically provides the correct electrical signatures on the […]

NSA reportedly planted spyware on electronics equipment – Stay Protected with LockedUSB Adapter

Source: CNET News – Security & Privacy Based on internal NSA documents, Der Spiegel reveals that the spy agency planted backdoors to access computers, hard drives, routers, and other devices from companies such as Cisco, Dell, Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor and Samsung. A new report from Der Spiegel, based on internal National Security Agency documents, reveals […]

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