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Happy Lunar New Year!!!, LockedUSB Adapter Shipping update, Bitcoins and other news!!!

Greetings Backers,

February is finally here!! We are getting everything ready to start shipping LockedUSB Adapters as soon as we get them back from the casing manufacture. Due to the Lunar New Year, our contract manufacture will be closed until February 6, 2014. They have promised to have our first build samples ready for us shortly there after. We will be shipping our Beta Tester’s units as soon as those samples arrive. Look out for the Kickstarter survey coming soon. This will be your chance to Update and Verify your pledge, and address.

In other NEWS, you can now Pre-order LockedUSB adapter using BitCoins. Our online store had been updated to process all orders using Bitcoins.

BitCoin Accepted Here

Quick reminder, you can still Pre-order LockedUSB Adapters.

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