LockedUSB Kickstarter Rewads

As a Thank you for your Support each LockedUSB Adapter comes with 10GB of Encrypted Private Online Backup, Sync & Sharing  

Instantly retrieve files from any device, anywhere.

Even though all your data is stored encrypted, you can carefully and selectively allow portions of your files/data to be shared (or become public) to family, friends, colleagues, or clients. You can create a “ShareRoom” by choosing any number of folders from several of your computers. A ShareRoom may be accessed as a unique web URL or by entering a user’s ShareID and RoomKey on the server side – easily allowing people you invite to view your documents, pictures, movies, and so on.

Additionally, as you make additions or edits to the folders (no matter what computer those changes are made on), the changes are automatically viewable to those who have access to the “ShareRoom” This process is definitely more efficient than having to constantly upload new changes to an FTP site or resend big files via e-mail.’

Your data is readable to you alone. Most online storage systems only encrypt your data during transmission, and do not encrypt the data while it is resting on their servers. This means that anyone with access to the servers your data is stored on (such as the company’s staff) could appropriate it. Or, even if your data is encrypted during storage, your password (or set of encryption keys) is often stored along with your data, thus making your data easily viewable by anyone with access to those servers

Our encryption is comprehensive — even with physical access to the storage servers, Our staff cannot know even the names of your files and folders. On the server side, all that Our staff can see, are sequentially numbered containers of encrypted data. In this way, we have no way of retrieving or turning your data to anyone.