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LockedUSB Adapter USB Charger Firewall

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Hearing your phone chirp desperately, in order to alert you that it’s running out of battery power is heartbreaking, especially when you’re stuck in an airport, hotel, or shopping center.

Public charging stations are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. Unfortunately, Identity Theft, Government surveillance, “rogue” and unstable chargers, are also on the rise.  I’ve searched the internet to find a firewall device, or specialized cable, that would provide the security I was looking for, and to my surprise there was nothing out there that offered secure charging capabilities.

I wanted to make a simple adapter, which I could use my own device’s cable, and have peace of mind that my personal data and information was secure.  I have designed a compact USB adapter that completely disconnects the data lines, while simultaneously providing the maximum allowed charging power so I can charge-up quickly and safely.

LockedUSB Adapter had been Funded with Kickstarter. Interested backers can still get their hands on a LockedUSB Adapter USB Hardware Firewall and 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cables for a Special price. People who depend on their phones can rest assured LockedUSB will keep them safe and provide fast charging.

Leonardo Matute, founder and Hardware Director at LM Engineering Designs LLC, said the adapter will bring peace of mind to millions of people that charge their device on the go. “Many people don’t think about their information being compromised by a charger,” Leo said. “LockedUSB adapter will not only secure privacy but it will also allow the devices to charge at their maximum rated current reducing charging times considerable”

LockedUSB Kickstarter Video

SAFE and FAST USB charging on-the-go!!! Protect yourself against Identity Theft . Works with Lightning Connector / MicroUSB

Are you at risk of compromising your data while using that USB charging station at the Airport or in the Hotel room while traveling?

Is your USB device charging as fast as it can?

Do you want to charge your device at work without synching to your office computer?

LockedUSB Adapter Can Help!