Security experts say there is no quick fix for BadUSB Hacks, Protect yourself with a Charge Only USB Adapter.

BadUSB, a critical security USB flaw identified earlier this year, This Flaw can be exploded by hackers using practically any USB device. Experts have published its code online recently and the issue is spreading online like wildfire.

BadUSB can turn a user’s keyboard, mouse, storage device, network device, game controller, or any other USB device into a cyber threat. The versatility and broad compatibility of the USB technology is also what made it vulnerable to hack attacks, with a USB device’s controller chips being very easily reprogrammable.

The ubiquitous USB drive has always been a potential threat to any computer that it plugs into, as malware can live on it just as easily as it can on a hard drive.

What makes the most recent news disconcerting is that an attack being called BadUSB is both undetectable and relatively unpatchable, meaning there is no easy way to fix it.

Traditional security scans such as an anti-virus program are completely useless against this threat because the infection is in the device itself, not the storage area. The threat was first revealed in August by Karsten Nohl at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference. Nohl demonstrated how BadUSB can corrupt any USB device with malware that is both deadly and undetectable.

This fix would require manufacturers to fundamentally change how they create devices, which likely will take a while.

LockedUSB Charge Only USB Adapter can help keep your devices protected, it allow charging of your devices at the maximum rated current while no data communication is exchanged, this mean that no possible hack can infect your host device (Laptop), and also no information can leave your mobile device.

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