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UPDATE #13 – First Build Samples Tested and Approved! Beta Tester Rewards Shipped!

Greetings Backers,

Quick Update on what has developed the last few weeks. After the Manufacturer ironed out some of the kinks with the case mold, they were able to send us their first build samples for approval.

The final case is a smidge larger than our kickstarter prototype. However it is a change we needed in order to guarantee the durability and mechanical performance of the device. See the final dimensions below. After some Electrical and Mechanical tests, we approved the samples and the Manufacturer is at full sail building the production units.

LockedUSB Adapter Final Drawing
LockedUSB Adapter Final Drawing

We have all the 3-in-1 Cables in, and Packaging materials are ready for shipments as soon as we receive the production units. We expect to have them in just a few weeks.

LockedUSB Adapter
LockedUSB Adapter

Quick reminder, you can still Pre-order LockedUSB Adapters


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