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Update #14 – Your LockedUSB Adapter is On The Way!!!!!

It took a little longer than expected, but we are now ready to start shipping your LockedUSB Adapter. We’ve had a few challenges that caused some delays. The shipment took longer than anticipated getting through customs. However, we have now received all the units. After a quick mechanical inspection, and an electrical test, we will start shipping right away.

We truly want to Thank You for your patience. Expect your LockedUSB Adapter to be in the mail starting next week.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from our Beta Testers thus far:

Used it in several airports and it passes charge and blocks data. does the job efficiently. I have it attached to the end of my primary charging cable for my phone. Love it.” – Dave Graham

I LOVE it!!!! I do a lot of traveling and this device is small and convenient. I’ve used it in my car…and it charged my IPhone5 much quicker. Love that!!! Also the 3in1 cable is so convenient and looks classy, too. …Thanks for a great product!” – Memory Heslam

Here are some LockedUSB Adapter Action shots!!

LockedUSB At Delta's Charging Station
LockedUSB At Delta’s Charging Station
LockedUSB at Hotel's Charging Pod
LockedUSB at Hotel’s Charging Pod

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Thanks for all your Support,

LM Engineering Designs LLC Team

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