LockedUSB Adapter prototypes

Update #9 – We are right on Schedule!


I just wanted to send another quick update on the development of LockedUSB Adapter. We just received the Second Alpha Prototype PCB (post-kickstarter) and we are running all the tests necessary to assure that the latest changes we implemented are performing well; not only overtime, but also over temperature, and maximum current loads.

We were also able to reduce the PCB size back to the original dimensions. We have made it a single sided board, which will help us with the over-molding process as well. (See picture below)

Once we have finished all the Design Validation testing, we will be ordering the beta PCB that will be sent to the over-molder manufacturer for the first official run of the Plastic over mold. Soon after that we will be able to ship the Beta units to our Beta Testers. So far everything is running as planned.

Picture below shows our Original Pre-Kickstarter Prototype, next to the First and Second  Alpha PCB’s.

Quick reminder that we have extended our pre-orders for a little longer, share and spread the word.

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