USB Charger Firewall, Enable Fast Charging Smartphones

USB Charger Firewall allows you to charge your devices Securely and enables Faster Charging On-the-Go

LockedUSB Adapter allows portable devices to fast-charge at their maximum rated current, while keeping the data lines completely isolated and Hackers away from your personal data. LockedUSB adapter has a dedicated controller chip and current limiting power switch. An auto-detect feature monitors USB data line voltage, and automatically provides the correct electrical signatures on the data lines.

Jun. 14, 2014 – ATLANTA — LM Engineering Designs LLC, an Atlanta-based startup, provided just that with their new device called LockedUSB adapter (

It allows any portable device to fast-charge at their maximum rated current, while keeping the data lines completely isolated. To cover production costs, the company successfully raised 150% of their goal, on Kickstarter.

LockedUSB is an innovative, Patent-pending, USB adapter with a dedicated controller chip that allows portable devices to fast-charge at their maximum rated current while keeping the data lines completely secure.

Public charging stations are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. Unfortunately, Identity Theft, Government surveillance, “rogue” and unstable chargers, are also on the rise. The inspiration behind the product came when the designer searched the internet to find a firewall device, or specialized cable, that would provide the security he was looking for, and to his surprise there was nothing out there that offered secure charging capabilities.  “I wanted to make a simple adapter, which I could use my own device’s cable, and have peace of mind that my personal data and information was secure” said Leonardo Matute, Senior Hardware Designer.  “I have designed a compact USB adapter that completely disconnects the data lines, while simultaneously providing the maximum allowed charging power so I can charge-up quickly and safely” 


Users feedback had been incredible:

“Used it in several airports and it passes charge and blocks data. does the job efficiently. I have it attached to the end of my primary charging cable for my phone. Love it.”

“Thanks guys for the well managed project and keeping us up to date with regular updates each step of the way… I like the carry case you included, and it seems well made (used good quality plastics). I agree it is larger than I thought it would be, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me … Main thing is that it stops data transmission!!!  I’m really glad I supported this project. Well managed and your first iteration already looks well made and professional (if a little larger than expected). Very happy supporter ~ thank you!”

LockedUSB is now available through their website at Interested users can receive a LockedUSB Adapter and 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cables. People who depend on their phones can rest assured LockedUSB will keep them safe and provide fast charging.

To find out more, head over to LockedUSB Adapter’s website

Twitter: @lockedUSB



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